Yes. All you need is an internet connection. TS GOLD is mobile and goes where you go. You can access your account from home or while on vacation to stay in touch with your office and your customer projects.

Yes. This is a great sales tool for employees and selling agents. It is generally desirable to purchase separate user subscriptions for off-site sales agents. Feel free to contact TS GOLD for more details.

No. Any artwork that you upload into your account stays in your profile only. If you ask us to upload artwork for you, we will do so but it will be available to all TS GOLD customers.

Yes. Even though minor fixes to sizing, spacing, centering, etc. are normally required before production, it is always a help to the art department to know what the family saw and approved.

Yes - if you design a monument on TS GOLD using the components in the stock component sandblast library, TS GOLD will be able to carve it without additional art charges. If you load your own designs into the library, there may be a 1-time charge to convert the design into a sandblast cut file.
Note: TS GOLD has built minimum sizes into the component library to prevent the possibility of designing a monument with designs that are too small to carve properly. Further Note: We have a large library of stock laser etching designs that can be used without an art charge. Modified stock or Custom laser etching designs generally require an art charge to be used.

Yes, definitely. Simply go to Manage Components on the My Account page and follow the prompts. You can also hide any stock components there that you do not wish to show on the Design Tool.

TS GOLD is upgraded continuously and since it is web-based, the upgrades are automatic. Each time you log on and access your account, you will have the most recent version. It may be occasionally necessary to go the TOOLS section of your web browser and select the option to CLEAR BROWSING HISTORY. The version number is shown at the bottom of the monument on the Design Tool and if you have any question as to whether you have the most recent version, send an email inquiry to us at: [email protected]

If you have a favorite shape that is not currently in TS GOLD, please send it to us. We want to include the items our users prefer.

The Retail Price shown on the Design Tool is a very powerful sales aid. Properly used, it allows the retail dealer to upsell without trying and reduces the tendency to give away extras. The TS GOLD system comes pre-loaded with wholesale pricing from Tecstone. The Trial Version has a pre-loaded cost multiplier over the wholesale price. A full subscription allows you to set your own multiplier for each individual product, if desired.

There are about 25 colors pre-loaded into the TS GOLD library. You may select your own favorite 12 different colors from this library to use at any 1 time on the Design Tool. Changing your favorites is very simply done by going to "Manage Material Selections" on your My Account page.

Yes. The rendering prints on your standard office printer and looks great on regular 8.5 x 11 copy paper. You can add or delete your company logo, sizes, prices or purchase order notes on your printed version depending on your needs.

No. Your TS GOLD rendering is a conceptual design of what the memorial will look like. The production staff at TS GOLD will make any minor adjustments to sizing/spacing/centering, etc. needed to insure best quality production. You will have the opportunity to make any special requests at the time of order submission, otherwise TS GOLD will proceed with production using the best judgement of their experienced staff.

Always an important question; a monthly TS GOLD subscription will cost about the same as one quality PhotoShop drawing, or a single turned flower vase. It’s truly one investment that will pay for itself many times over.

No. If you feel like TS GOLD is not benefiting your business then cancel at any time.

Don from Indiana says:

"We’ve done two deals with customers over the phone without even meeting them. How? They explained what they wanted, I created it and then emailed it using the GOLD program. When they saw it, they bought it. GOLD paid for its yearly subscription fee in 3 days and I’m still on the Free trial."

Brian from Indiana says:

"Straight forward…simple…and when paired with Tecstone –GOLD delivers! It has increased my sales unbelievably."

Larry owns 4 stores in Northern Ohio

"The design program has allowed us to be more professional with our families, increase our closing ration toward 90%, completely eliminates any discounting, and helps us up-sell big time. We are way ahead of our competition."